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We stock replacement parts for fabric filters, electrostatic precipitators, cartridge collectors, mechanical collectors, and more.

  • Genuine Wheelabrator Parts
  • Regional warehouse with 24/7 availability for many parts
  • Consistent part reliability and performance
  • Improved outage planning and scheduling
  • Reduced inventory of spare parts needed at your plant

We provide quality parts for your air pollution control equipment. Our engineering and design standards for the manufacture of parts are among the highest in the industry. We have over 100 years of experience supplying, engineering, and integrating air pollution control systems.

Available Parts

pulse jet & cartridge collectors

• Filter Bags
• Filter Cages
• Cartridge Filter
• Venturis
• Pulse Valves
• Solenoid Valves
• Repair Kits
• Timers

Mechanical collectors

• Tubes
• Ramps
• Gaskets
• Seal Rings

shaker/reverse air fabric filters

• Filter Bags
• Filter Hooks
• Springs
• Cell Plates
• Thimbles
• Shaker Components                                                         

electrostatic precipitators

• Electrodes
• Collecting Plates
• Insulators
• Rapper Components
• Controls


• Sonic Horns
• Doors
• Gaskets and Seals
• Level Detectors
• Air Locks
• Leak Detectors
• And More…

The Wheelabrator parts team

Parts Team

Our Parts Team is dedicated to help you find the right part. Contact Us Today!

  • In-house engineers and technology experts are available
  • We have a full database of legacy Wheelabrator projects to locate the part you need
  • Our staff has the capability to convert other manufacturer' collectors to Wheelabrator components

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